Ava Dawn

Fifth Year
(This Character Belongs to Bea)
Head of the Cheetahs Sorority


Basic Info
Full Name                      Ava Marissa Dawn
Bogart Her Parents
Meaning Ava = Sound of music
Born December 21
Current Age 15
Gender Female
Species Witch
Sorority Head of the Cheetahs
Status Single;Alive:Student


Ava Marissa Dawn was born on December 21 to two pure-bloods. Her parents never wanted a child in the first place. Her parents abused her and when she was 11 she got accepted into Salem. She was so glad she would almost never have to see her horrible parents anymore. No child could be happier. When she was in her first year she was studied by the head of The Cheetahs Sorority. Mostly because of her amazing grades, quick thinking skills, and unique wands. In her second year she joined the Cheetahs Sorority and found out they used dark magic secretly. She wanted to tell the teachers but she didn't because she was threatened. In her third year she became more like them. Adapting a more mysterious personality and became more courageuos. Before her fifth year she stayed with her cousin over the summer. Her cousin was a muggle and died of cancer in Ava's arms. She is a fifth year and is now the head.


Ava Dawn Fifth Year, Head of The Cheetahs Sorority
-"We lit the whole world up, before we blew it up." - Love Will Remember

"I'm Ava. Head of the Cheetahs Sorority.



Ava is very kind and funny. Though if you make her mad she will attempt to hurt you. She has a sarcastic sense of humor. She is very mysterious. She never asks anyone else herself because she has fear of rejection. She rejects everybody that does ask her out because she's afraid of being hurt. She has an IQ of 130. Her is great at all subjects though her best are Muggle Studies, and Defense Against the Dark Arts.


Yew: Yew wands are among the rarer kinds. Most people that have yew wands are normally more attacted to the dark arts than others. A person suited to yew wand proves a fierce protector of others.

Thestral Tail Hair: It is assumed that only a person who has seen death can have this kind of wand because you can't see thestrals unless you have seen death.

Length: Her wand is 11 inches which is fairly tall. Tall wands tend to suit people with big personalities and a more dramatic style of magic.

Ava had tried five wands at Bacula's before finding the absolute perfect fit. Ava and Bacula were very shocked that this wand was perfect for Ava. Bacula said after Ava left the shop "This young girl is going to be very powerful in the future." 


Class Elective?
Defense Against the Dark Arts No
Charms No
Transfiguration No
Potions No
History of North American Magic No
Astronomy Yes
Care of Magical Creatures Yes
Muggle Studies Yes


  • She can perform Dark Magic
  • She is Head of Cheetahs Sorority
  • She currently takes 9 classes at Salem Institute.
  • She is 15 years old.
  • She is a fifth year.
  • She is a pure-blood.


Ava is what most people would call beautiful. She has dark shiny brown hair that she sometimes dyes black. She has chocolate brown eyes that shimmer. She dresses in muggle clothes for school.


Name Relation About
Christiana and Charles Dawn Parents They abused Ava and now she hates both of them and hasn't seen either of them for five years.