Brendan Ren Fifth Year, Bear Fraternity
-"Only the gentle are ever really strong."

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"Hey!" He says, looking up from a book in his hands.


Brendan Ren
Vital statistics
Position Salem Witches Institute Fifth Year, Bear Fraternity.
Age 15
Status Alive, Single
Physical attributes
Height 5'9"
Weight 170 lbs

About Brendan...

Brendan Ren was born in Los Angeles, America, to his witch mother, Juliette Ren and muggle father, Roberto Ren. After giving birth, Juliette became very ill and died when Brendan was two weeks old. Roberto then took to caring for their only child, providing him with a happy home life and childhood. As a toddler, Brendan was outgoing and interested by the world. His father would take him out to the woods by their home and talk to him about the trees, the bugs, and everything else. At night, they would sit in a meadow, looking at stars, and constellations, his favourite thing to do, at that age. 

At the age of eleven, he was getting ready to attend Salem. At first, he was sad about leaving his friends and father behind, as they were the only ones in his life at the time, but soon he was ready for a new adventure at Salem.

Brendan arrived at Salem as an intelligent, handsome, flirtatious boy. He studies hard and earns decent grades. Immediately upon arrival, he had many admirers, all being girls, which didn't feel right for him. One boy caught his attention in the fourth year, Romeo Bernard, but decided to get on with his studies, and accept the fact that he was gay. He is now in his fifth year.

His Personality...

He lives in a world that is concrete and kind, he is truly warm, and kind hearted and wants to believe the best in people. He values harmony and cooperation, and is likely to be sensitive to other people's feelings. He has the ability to bring out the best in others by his firm desire to believe the best.


His model is Sam Callahan

His favourite colour is blue

His favourite ice cream is neopolitan

He cannot bear the smell of coffee.