This Char is RPed by Cynderheart

Ravena Todd
Ravena Todd 2
Little Miss Goody-two-shoes
Little Miss Todd
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Todd's
Status Alive, Single
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black-Brown
Height 5'3 ft
Affiliation Salem Witches Institution
Wand Unknown
Species Half-Breed, Witch
Home Orphanage


Ravena Todd is half-Vampire but she is loyal at heart. She would never hurt any of her firends at all. She lives in an orphanage, but she's tired of living there. Her mother was a Vampire her father a Wizard.  Her parents had died in a car crash when her mother was driving. No one told her that they were dead. Her life has been really troubling after that. Her twin sister is Isabella Todd, her and Isabella are exactly alike.


She's  half-vampire.

She's an Orphan. 

She's kind and sweet.

She's a twin.


Isabella Todd- Sister through and through

Other InfoEdit

She is Isabella Todd's twin sister.

She is an Orphan.

Her patrounus will be a White Tiger.