Taylor Stone
Taylor stone5
Member of The Cheetahs Sorority
The Sarcastic Wallflower
Another Pessimist
Important Information
Gender Female
Family The Stone Family
Status Alive;Single;Healthy;Bisexual
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'7
Affiliation Salem;Stone Family;Cheetah Sorority Members
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Species Witch
Home Salem;Summer Home in Indiana


Taylor Stone was born on August 4 to Alexander and Arana Stone. She had always had a good relationship with her parents and was a good student. Though students always bullied her because of her strange powers and her unability to control them. When she was 11 years old she was accepted into Salem Institute of Magic and she was happy. She was happy that students wouldn't bully her because she would fit in with her powers. Though the first year didn't go well. She didn't make any friends and remained a wallflower. In her second year she was accepted into the Cheetah Sorority. She then enjoyed Salem a bit more. She is currently in her third year at Salem Institute of Magic.


Taylor stone3

Taylor is currently pessimistic. Whenever something bad happens she always says "It can only get worse from here." Taylor is a wallflower who wants to become a wildflower but doesn't know how. She is extremely smart and wise. She is bisexual and is also in the closet about that. She is very mysterious and likes to keep things to herself. She is messy and not neat. She is very sarcastic when she talks. She has a unique fashion sense which is a mix of Classy, Sexy, Girly, Goth, and Casual. She almost never speaks except when practicing spells with her sorority. She always sits in the back of the class. 


Taylor stone4

She lots of times skips classes and hangs out around her sorority house. The teachers usually don't notice because of how much she skips. Whenever seen walking around most teachers ask her what her name is because they never notice her. The only class she has never skipped is Mythology.



Her wand is Vine, Dragon Heartstring, and 10 inches. 

Vine: Vine woods are strongly attracted by personalities with hidden depth. Vine woods are one of the less common types. Their owners are almost always wizards or witches who seek a greater purpose, who have vision beyond the ordinary and frequently surprise those who think they know them best.


Taylor stone6

Taylor Stone has wavy golden hair and chocolate brown eyes. 

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Taylor Stone Third Year - Cheetah Sorority - The Pessimistic Wallflower
-"Like a photo, like a second thought. Always silent, I just think a lot." - Katelyn Tarver, "Chasing Echoes"

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"Even the devil was once an angel."